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Now what does that mean? First, a play on e-mail, my chosen launch vehicle. As for me, E-motional Devotional means whole-heartedly; my soul – mind, will and emotions – as well as my spirit actively engaged in devotion to Him.

The thoughts I’ll share originated first as heart cries to Him. Some cries have been whispers; some whimpers; some wishes; at times downright why?-nings, as well as scattered peaceful petitions sent upward in childlike faith. Not often enough, my cries are shouts of JOY…well, quiet shouts of joy. I’m not known for loud voice – not even when I rejoice.

Awed – Ah-ed – Aha-ed
My walk with the Lord started a long time ago, but wasn’t emotional for a looong time. I majored in
longing and laboring to be loved, And then came the “Behold” within me a few years ago.

“Behold what manner of love the Father has given unto you
that you would be called the children of God.” 1 John 3:1

Though He calls us one by one, we can slip easily into working hard to become lookalike sheep. I sensed
Him saying that we aren’t meant to be clones. I was awed as He “ah-ed” over me –just me, not just one
of His many sheep. And suddenly I had the courage to believe what He was imparting:

“…My love has been poured out/shed abroad within
your heart by the Holy Spirit.” Romans 5:5

The “aha” of The Father’s love for me resonated within me and my emotions came alive; free to be experienced and shared.

Quite an awakening for one who has lived at near poverty level emotionally for much of my life. After all, I had a job to do: working hard at being a spiritually correct Christian. I didn’t realize that this kind of “being” was really “doing” life in my own strength. (Phil. 2:12-13) But then the Lord wakened me with a kind of cardiac arrest jolt, “Is it well with your soul?” My heart whimpered, “No,” Like Aslan, the lion in Narnia, the Father invited me to hop on (actually into His heart) for the ride of my life.

If you’re experiencing even the slightest Amen within you. journey with me in days to come. (notice, I didn’t say daily…I’m aiming at weekly for now. giving myself the freedom of flexibility – or is that another name for procrastination in this case? Time will tell.)

Easy exit for the disinterested: Reply with “No” as Subject

“I love your writing. You really have a way with zingers, but I think what really matters is the life wisdom you bring to the page. You say hard things, but you make them go down like warm apple pie.” David Kopp - executive editor, Multnomah Books

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