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Feeling stuck between two diverse topics… stuck, as in sitting at my computer sans computing; nothing coming together. In response to my lament, my husband prayed for me and then announced, “I have the title for your next devotion – Getting Unstuck.

Resistance rose up within me. How could introducing a third topic be the solution? That would take me fully back to Square One, as in start from scratch – again. Then the dawning of the Light – he prayed, Okay then. I’ll give His Solution a whirl.
But the topic sounded familiar. Had I already touched on this topic?…or was this a prompting to look back to the old for new insight. Both proved to be true.

Embracing the Gold in the Old
AHA: Under the whether E-motional Devotional #7 – When I find myself under the influence of Whether or Not to struggle onward (while getting nowhere)…the solution is Be still – UNTIL there’s a fresh flow of Holy Spirit thoughts.
In a sense, I need to remember former life lessons and choose to make room for His thoughts by ceasing to search the recesses of my mind. God’s arriving happens most often when I cease my striving.

Persistence always pays off…sometimes to my debit account
Persistence is not always a virtue! Persisting in what has been unfruitful could best be described as aiming at frustration and failure. Yet, even when God sends a lifeline of His wisdom, I’m apt to plod on in my Self-chosen rut…

Until…I choose to bend my will
God’s Square 1 is always choose this day whom you will serve (Joshua 24:15). And, oh, the resistance when Sinatra’s theme song (I did it my way) remains in my Top Ten Tunes to Live by.

It takes PLUCK to get UNSTUCK

Pluck – courage or resolution in the face of difficulties (whether BIG or small )

The Solution is Resolution – choosing God’s familiar and fruitful proven path.

“Lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways
acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.” Proverbs 3:5

And whenever we choose/resolve to follow His Ways, He will provide the courage we need.

Wait on the LORD: be of good courage (resolve), and He shall strengthen your heart: wait, I say, on the LORD. Ps. 27:14

Both a song title and a truth. I may not always hear the music, but it’s always there. What’s going on in my life – whether joy or strife, not only resonates within me but finds its way to the Father’s heart. Both the Eternal One and my internal being are touched.

I tend to want the music to change when I’ve had bad news and I’m singing the blues. (How about you?) Years ago, my son Gary, a songwriter and worship leader, shared, “My best music comes out of my worst times.” Not being from the same brave bent, I don’t readily recall there will be gain if I’ll embrace the pain of my circumstances.

Oh, to always remember that both the sad and the glad are music to His ear; hymns from within; psalms, from solemn to celebratory. And all are needed for Him to weave wholeness into the fabric of my being.

“Making melody in my heart unto the King of Kings” Eph. 5:19

And Oh, the AWE times – when I awaken with a song flowing from my heart. There’s no doubt He’s given me the tune. And there are the ODD times – when I’m more than blue; don’t know what to do. And He prompts me inwardly to praise. That leaves me in a daze (a wonderment of gratitude). Then sings my soul….my mind, will and emotions…harmonizing to the song He’s placed within me

The Lord, in His grace and His understanding of our need for a pattern to follow, has gifted us with The Book of Psalms, a Hymnal of Ascents and Praise; of Despair and Desolation…and all the emotions in between. (Not that we are to be hemmed in by the pattern. Rather, what is already scribed waters our own creativity and increases our sensitivity to His heart towards us individually.)

I’m especially encouraged by David’s queries and instructions to his own soul:

“Why are you cast down, O my soul? and why are you disquieted within me?
hope in God: for I shall yet praise him…” From Psalm 42:5

“(You) bless the Lord, O my soul, And all that is within me bless His holy name?
Bless the Lord, o my soul, and forget not all His benefits.” Ps. 103:1-2

What am I singing within; singing to Him; today? What is the song in your heart this day? Whatever our tune, He’s listening.

Lord, increase my desire to be attuned to you; Make me eager to be an instrument in Your hands and to sing the new song you put within me. To borrow a line from a chorus:
Tune me as an instrument; an instrument of worship…I lift up my voice in Your Name.

Life isn’t always linear. Not even sure what I mean by that, except to say that a friend offered a great lead in from E-mo Devo 8 on the tyranny of To Do Lists. While I was basking in the glow of knowing the flow of the next Devotion, the Holy Spirit led me to expand on The NEW can look like the old. And then it was near Christmas and time to fix my gaze on the fresh coming of the Christ Child.

And Christmas supported my objection to long To Do Lists

I intentionally settled into a quiet Christmas. I think I even threw away my list and refused to be harassed by media hype. I experienced what seemed to be the impossible Dream: a restful, stress free celebration.

“O Holy Night … it is the night of our dear Savior’s birth
(And as) He appeared my soul felt it’s worth
(I felt) a thrill of hope (as) my weary soul rejoiced.

Yes, it was well my soul….I felt whole…no matter what was left undone.

“You kept me in perfect peace while my mind was stayed on You.”
Isaiah 26:3 Personalized

To Do or NOT To Do – That is still the ???

“The Sabbath was made for man…not man for the Sabbath.”

And likewise, To Do Lists were made to serve man, not to enslave him. AMEN. But the hook in To Do Lists is the mind jab, “Jot it down or you’ll forget it”. And so the servant To Do List becomes a GIANT Task Master, cracking the Get it Done Whip with finesse…or is that duress*.

“His ways are higher than our ways” From Isaiah 55:8b

Well, here’s my friend Lexie’s great lead in….at the end: “What perfect timing to read this as I sit beside my long to-do list. I prayed and opened my eyes to a package of beautiful Thanksgiving cards a friend had given me. I sat down with coffee for 2 hours and wrote to everyone in my family. What a blessed fulfilling time. God really multiplied my time later and I got more done than if I’d kept plugging away at my list.” Yes, the Lord really does want to show Himself strong on our behalf*…especially when we give Him the opportunity by staying our mind on Him and His Ways.!
Slow down to catch up with the Lord.
Try it – you’ll like it – and He will too !

*Duress – unlawful pressure exerted to coerce someone to perform an act
*From 11 Chronicles 16:9

“I love your writing. You really have a way with zingers, but I think what really matters is the life wisdom you bring to the page. You say hard things, but you make them go down like warm apple pie.” David Kopp - executive editor, Multnomah Books

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