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The Daze of My Life Pressed in on me – My level of productivity seemed reduced to a snail’s pace these past two weeks. Small wonder. What started out to be our first getaway by the ocean in a very long time changed dramatically the first night. My husband lost his balance on the slick kitchen floor and broke his nose. Never knew so much blood could flow from the nose. Immediate intro to neighbor. He turned faint at the sight of blood but recovered to call an ambulance. Three more trips to the ER and several visits to the ENT doctor followed after our return home. I could write more than a page about the events…if I could figure out how to make it a devotional.

My Senior Editor megaphoned me a question – Make that a comment and two questions. The comment, Let Me remind you of the line in your last devotion after, “Blessed are the pacemakers”:

They RECOGNIZE God’s stride

“Do you recall that I set your pacemaker on Slow?’ And “What part of SLOW don’t you understand?”
His tone was neither angry nor impatient…just insistent, making it clear we weren’t moving on to a new subject. Remember, my mind mode is minimum 8-track and the Father has been working with me for a looong time on “consider this one thing” … this one thing being intentionally moving at a slower pace.

One more comment from On High – “I tried to clue you in. I painted a picture of My intended S-L-O-W pace for you by employing the circumstances that interrupted your life. Let’s take a look together so you get the full picture.

Looking Back to Get God’s Perspective – “You both agreed to stay on your trip and make the best of it.” (Which turned out to be mighty good.) “You both weathered well the really excessive bleeding and initial ER trip…and then three more ER trips and visits to the ENT doctor. (Why are they called visits??) You both kept a good attitude and chose not to be concerned about the things that weren’t getting done. And because of these choices, you were able to see the benefit that came out of the trauma: review and change of meds so problematic bleeding has been controlled. And MAJOR, MAJOR: you both stayed at peace.” (Much easier for me without broken nose!)

Progress Report – “C for improved Seeing by the Spirit and responding to life in new ways. You’re learning to “get life” from My Perspective. Can’t be done with your track shoes on or your mind racing.”

The Father’s Open Invitation
My pace for each of you, My daughters and sons, is individual and is laced – kept in place – by My peace – and generously covered with My grace.

“You will keep him/her in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You.”

And, HE LOVE LEARNERS/practicers….(read above for proof)…and take Paul’s words to heart:

“Practice what you have learned…and model your way of living on it,
and the God of peace – of undisturbed wellbeing – will be with you.”
From Phil. 4:9 Amplified

(Yep…while we’re practicing – learning, His Peace will be with us…maybe not evident at first, but when we relax into His grace, we’ll begin to experience His Peace … and even His pleasure.)

“I love your writing. You really have a way with zingers, but I think what really matters is the life wisdom you bring to the page. You say hard things, but you make them go down like warm apple pie.” David Kopp - executive editor, Multnomah Books

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