The Lord has a way of cutting through the haze in my life to confirm the leading He’s given me as if He’s saying, “Can you hear Me now?” True to form, after the theme for ED#29 came to me, His nudges came to me from other sources. Very important to note that I didn’t research for confirmation; the echoes just came to me in the course of my day. ‘While taking a short break, I turned the TV on and heard a sermon on “The Best of Life Will Come out of the Worst of Life”. Then, the first e-mail on my new laptop had the same topic.

My theme is a familiar one: “The Solution is NOT in the Problem” even though that’s where we most often search for the way out of what we’ve gotten into. We ponder and wonder; theorize and agonize; doubt and pout (“Where IS God in all this?”) wasting valuable time and emotional energy in mulling over the details of our dilemma.

The waves of life are sure to knock us over if our gaze becomes fixed on our dire circumstances; much like Peter. Remember the Matt. 14 account? When the disciples’ boat was buffeted by waves and wind, they saw Jesus walking on the water. Peter cried out, “Tell me to come to you.” And He said, “Come.” And while WALKING ON WATER !!! – doing what is impossible without God ! – Peter chose to look down at the waves he had already overcome by fixing his eyes on Jesus. When Peter deflected his gaze, he began to sink and to blubber, “Lord, save me.” And Jesus immediately reached out his hand to rescue Peter while saying, “O you of little faith. Why did you doubt?” His same words echo within us when we become faith wobblers.

I’m grateful for “the rest of the story” recorded in Matt. 16:18: “I tell you, you are Peter (Petros; a large piece of rock) and on this rock, I will build by church.” Take notice that Jesus told Peter who he was. He is eager to do the same for each of us. Are we listening?.

When I reflect on my life, the best of times have most often begun with the worst of times, although I usually saw the connection in hindsight. One example (though far from our most dire): With 10 months left before retiring from the Navy, my husband received transfer orders. We were already stationed in our retirement place of choice; bought a home; nursed a ragweed lawn into a dichondra thing of beauty. We were faced with uprooting our family and find tenants willing to rent short term and take care of our home. The Navy would bear the cost of moving us to San Francisco and then back to San Diego in less than a year. I was fuming over our unnecessary uprooting and, more so, at the Navy’s waste.

Where did I vocalize my fuming? Easier question, where I did not. From family and friends to our Senator and House Representative and all points in between. All to no avail. Turns out the transfer orders were from His hand not the Navy commandant.

Enter Wanda, my neighbor on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay. Wanda fed me the Word and introduced me to the fullness of the Spirit. Her joy in the Lord overflowed into me. And she was FUN too…another skill I sorely needed! Would that I had allowed that valuable experience to inoculate me against doubt for life. Sadly. He’s had to remind be many times over the years to:

“Trust in Me with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Me, and I will direct your path.”
Prov. 3:5-6