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Forsaking brooding to allow brewing time for my thoughts to be steeped with Him led me to thinking on procrastinating v.s. percolating. I’ve long flogged myself over my habitual procrastination about writing. Then the “Aha!” of the Lord came to me regarding His redemptive work; His ability to transform what has long hindered me. He turned my attention to spiritual application through illuminating a dictionary example:

Percolate: gradually spread or filter through as “when an idea percolates; gradually becomes well known”

I couldn’t miss His intent: The understanding that His thoughts have percolated through me, using my procrastination to blend my humanity with a touch of His Divinity, producing a fullness I lacked on my own.

Behold, HE’s doing a new thing
A familiar Scripture came to mind…

“Behold, I am doing a new thing; do you not perceive it?” From Is. 43:19

And the lesson therein is familiar too…the new can look like the old. Both procrastinating and percolating are waiting games. The former, fueled by fear; the latter, by His faithfulness

The Upside of Procrastination!
Simply put, I was well trained in the art of putting off writing…and He used that old practice as training ground for the new. He caused me to become aware that I was learning how to percolate; to partner more deeply with Him in writing and to wait for His “good to go” before hitting the Send button

Released from the old by practicing the new

“When I practice doing the new He has revealed to me, I become aware of His peace within me.“ Phil. 4:9 Personalized

Inner Knowing – God’s Early Warning System

“And let (allow) the soul harmony that comes from Christ rule/act as UMPIRE continually in your heart,
deciding and settling with finality all questions that arise in your mind. … And be thankful,
appreciative, giving praise to God always.” From Col. 3:15 Ampl.

Are you playing a waiting game? – then you’re game for the new He’s been preparing within you

“Call on Me and I will answer…” Jere. 33:3

Our part: To keep on listening for His still small voice that may come as a whisper; a spontaneous thought; an inner excitement about moving forward or an inner check cautioning us to wait; a word from a sermon, a friend – or an enemy for that matter; a billboard; a TV program or movie. His inner knowings are transmitted to us in surprising ways. And He WANTS us to hear His voice. As my friend Georgia has well said, “Pay attention to everything…and He will cause you to hear Him!” … even through what you see.

Been in a bit of a dry spell as far as a flow of thoughts spilling out on paper; well, computer. Thankfully, I’ve learned that this is not a brooding time, but brewing time. Rather than wrestling with my thoughts, I’ve allowed them to restfully steep within. All the while the Master Brewer is at work editing; bringing forth the essence, the full flavor of the words; but in much reduced numbers.

“My heart overflows with a goodly theme…” Ps. 45:1a Ampl.

But my themes readily overfloweth, thereby losing the essence.

Sadly, I walked out this same theme to extreme recently. I recognized the Father’s nudge to contact an old friend and I was eager for the connection. As it turned out, a bit too eager…

“…My tongue is as the pen of a ready writer.” Ps. 45:1b Ampl.

And I OVERflowed without editing my well-meant, but not all heaven-sent, words. I sincerely wanted to encourage my friend, but in the end, he extended grace to me by listening kindly to my barrage. I knew this was a Divine Appointment, but hadn’t been aware of His purpose for me. Another lesson in editing surfaced in the aftermath of our one-sided Aglow meeting.

This kind of overflow has gotta go
My Chief Editor was quick to personalize Rom. 12:11 for me. Rather than “Never lack in zeal; be aglow with the Spirit”, His urgent edit rang out:

“There are times tis wisdom to lack in zeal, the better to be aglow with the Spirit.”

On knowing the times and seasoning them a’right

In this winter season of my life, I’ve become intentionally bolder in my exchanges. Out of my desire to NOT run out if time before my timeline does, my living out loud went slightly awry as I ran amok verbally. I poured out the unkindness of an overdose of glad tidings as he was slogging through his Valley of Weeping.

And so…my EverReady Editor proffered this counsel:

“Singing cheerful songs to a person with a heavy heart is like taking someone’s coat
in cold weather or pouring vinegar on a wound.” Prov. 25:20 NLT

This verse took me back a lifetime ago when my heart was bleeding profusely over the pain in my family. My daughter’s friend came to cheer me up….by telling me all the marvelous blessings she was enjoying. Her smile and her sparkling eyes conveyed, “Feeling better now?!” Truly, she was unaware of the brutality of her supposed mercy mission.

My heart is tenderized afresh by this memory…and may it be so with you

May we seek to keep our raw milk of kindness*

in small containers, the better to pour out to others in digestible doses.

And may we invite the Holy Spirit to pasteurize our rawness, the better to serve others.

*the milk of human kindness (From Shakespeare’s play Macbeth).– natural kindness and sympathy shown to others

Originally May we seek to keep our unpasteurized (unprocessed by the Holy Spirit)….

Last line added also added after sending.

What’s that greenery I see? – 1-1-13

Winter isn’t usually the season to see fresh greenery. But I was seeing a sprout poking through hardened soil. Then I realized I was watching the Vinedresser surveying my inner being. The fresh greenery was a weed; the weed of doubt, an all too faithful perennial in the garden of my heart. This blight is a well-cultivated strain (and it’s been a strain) passed on from generation to generation…and it’s prone to poke it’s head into my business just when I’m ready to step out in fresh faith.

Did the word perennial catch your attention? Weeds, like our old ways, are perennials. Whether watered or no, they grow. If we water them with our attention, WOE unto us, rather than WHOA unto the weeds, cuz they are DETERMINED to grow.

Gardening by The Spirit
The Vinedresser didn’t offer 10 Holy Ghost tips on weed removal. Instead, He attended to my soul with these words:

“…The Father’s love is being shed abroad afresh in your heart by the Holy Spirit…” Rom. 5:5b Personalized

Then, “Will you receive this gift?” ( In other words, The Solution is NOT in the Problem.) So, I said “YES, double-dose me
with Your love.”

Weeds of the Soul
Negative thoughts, old mindsets, doubts and fears are the sturdiest inner weeds of all. Their one enemy is our choice to refuse to entertain them. Worrying, fretting or rehearsing is as Super-Gro.

Warning: Soul weeds are pushy
Weeds are well noted for their rapid growth and hardiness. So He watches for inner blights that seek to overtake us and is “our ever present Help in times of trouble” (Ps. 46:1) When there’s a soul weed sighting, He encourages us “to run to the Rock that is higher than I” (Ps. 61:2) and receive “More LOVE; more POWER; more of HIM in your life.” (Gardening tip from Michael W. Smith)

Blight Breakthrough
If what’s trying to breakthrough in the garden of your soul – your mind, will or emotions – looks familiar, but unwelcome, CHOOSE to SAY NO, I’m NOT going there again. AND prepare to be ruthless; rude, even; knowing that soul weeds are not polite. You’re in for a fight, but a fight well worth winning –as in developing diligence through your persistent NO to yielding to the blight warring within you. But fight the Good Fight HIS Way:

“Walk out your salvation (your inner struggle against soul blights, in this case)…
(But) NOT IN YOUR OWN STRENGTH for it is God Who is all the while effectually at work in you – energizing
and creating in you the power and desire – both to will and to work for His good pleasure…” From Phil. 2:12-13 Ampl.

Fess up now, don’t you tend to (as I have) camp in verse 12 on “walk out your salvation in fear and trembling”? while He is offering the POWER TOOL of RECEIVING MORE OF HIS LOVE and MORE OF HIS POWER.

My New Year’s Prayer for each of us: May our response to HIS LOVE be an ongoing resounding YES !

“I love your writing. You really have a way with zingers, but I think what really matters is the life wisdom you bring to the page. You say hard things, but you make them go down like warm apple pie.” David Kopp - executive editor, Multnomah Books

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