What’s that greenery I see? – 1-1-13

Winter isn’t usually the season to see fresh greenery. But I was seeing a sprout poking through hardened soil. Then I realized I was watching the Vinedresser surveying my inner being. The fresh greenery was a weed; the weed of doubt, an all too faithful perennial in the garden of my heart. This blight is a well-cultivated strain (and it’s been a strain) passed on from generation to generation…and it’s prone to poke it’s head into my business just when I’m ready to step out in fresh faith.

Did the word perennial catch your attention? Weeds, like our old ways, are perennials. Whether watered or no, they grow. If we water them with our attention, WOE unto us, rather than WHOA unto the weeds, cuz they are DETERMINED to grow.

Gardening by The Spirit
The Vinedresser didn’t offer 10 Holy Ghost tips on weed removal. Instead, He attended to my soul with these words:

“…The Father’s love is being shed abroad afresh in your heart by the Holy Spirit…” Rom. 5:5b Personalized

Then, “Will you receive this gift?” ( In other words, The Solution is NOT in the Problem.) So, I said “YES, double-dose me
with Your love.”

Weeds of the Soul
Negative thoughts, old mindsets, doubts and fears are the sturdiest inner weeds of all. Their one enemy is our choice to refuse to entertain them. Worrying, fretting or rehearsing is as Super-Gro.

Warning: Soul weeds are pushy
Weeds are well noted for their rapid growth and hardiness. So He watches for inner blights that seek to overtake us and is “our ever present Help in times of trouble” (Ps. 46:1) When there’s a soul weed sighting, He encourages us “to run to the Rock that is higher than I” (Ps. 61:2) and receive “More LOVE; more POWER; more of HIM in your life.” (Gardening tip from Michael W. Smith)

Blight Breakthrough
If what’s trying to breakthrough in the garden of your soul – your mind, will or emotions – looks familiar, but unwelcome, CHOOSE to SAY NO, I’m NOT going there again. AND prepare to be ruthless; rude, even; knowing that soul weeds are not polite. You’re in for a fight, but a fight well worth winning –as in developing diligence through your persistent NO to yielding to the blight warring within you. But fight the Good Fight HIS Way:

“Walk out your salvation (your inner struggle against soul blights, in this case)…
(But) NOT IN YOUR OWN STRENGTH for it is God Who is all the while effectually at work in you – energizing
and creating in you the power and desire – both to will and to work for His good pleasure…” From Phil. 2:12-13 Ampl.

Fess up now, don’t you tend to (as I have) camp in verse 12 on “walk out your salvation in fear and trembling”? while He is offering the POWER TOOL of RECEIVING MORE OF HIS LOVE and MORE OF HIS POWER.

My New Year’s Prayer for each of us: May our response to HIS LOVE be an ongoing resounding YES !