Been in a bit of a dry spell as far as a flow of thoughts spilling out on paper; well, computer. Thankfully, I’ve learned that this is not a brooding time, but brewing time. Rather than wrestling with my thoughts, I’ve allowed them to restfully steep within. All the while the Master Brewer is at work editing; bringing forth the essence, the full flavor of the words; but in much reduced numbers.

“My heart overflows with a goodly theme…” Ps. 45:1a Ampl.

But my themes readily overfloweth, thereby losing the essence.

Sadly, I walked out this same theme to extreme recently. I recognized the Father’s nudge to contact an old friend and I was eager for the connection. As it turned out, a bit too eager…

“…My tongue is as the pen of a ready writer.” Ps. 45:1b Ampl.

And I OVERflowed without editing my well-meant, but not all heaven-sent, words. I sincerely wanted to encourage my friend, but in the end, he extended grace to me by listening kindly to my barrage. I knew this was a Divine Appointment, but hadn’t been aware of His purpose for me. Another lesson in editing surfaced in the aftermath of our one-sided Aglow meeting.

This kind of overflow has gotta go
My Chief Editor was quick to personalize Rom. 12:11 for me. Rather than “Never lack in zeal; be aglow with the Spirit”, His urgent edit rang out:

“There are times tis wisdom to lack in zeal, the better to be aglow with the Spirit.”

On knowing the times and seasoning them a’right

In this winter season of my life, I’ve become intentionally bolder in my exchanges. Out of my desire to NOT run out if time before my timeline does, my living out loud went slightly awry as I ran amok verbally. I poured out the unkindness of an overdose of glad tidings as he was slogging through his Valley of Weeping.

And so…my EverReady Editor proffered this counsel:

“Singing cheerful songs to a person with a heavy heart is like taking someone’s coat
in cold weather or pouring vinegar on a wound.” Prov. 25:20 NLT

This verse took me back a lifetime ago when my heart was bleeding profusely over the pain in my family. My daughter’s friend came to cheer me up….by telling me all the marvelous blessings she was enjoying. Her smile and her sparkling eyes conveyed, “Feeling better now?!” Truly, she was unaware of the brutality of her supposed mercy mission.

My heart is tenderized afresh by this memory…and may it be so with you

May we seek to keep our raw milk of kindness*

in small containers, the better to pour out to others in digestible doses.

And may we invite the Holy Spirit to pasteurize our rawness, the better to serve others.

*the milk of human kindness (From Shakespeare’s play Macbeth).– natural kindness and sympathy shown to others

Originally May we seek to keep our unpasteurized (unprocessed by the Holy Spirit)….

Last line added also added after sending.